Short Stories

The collection (available from Carrick Publishing) includes my short story, Cross Match. Detective Biggs has to juggle kidney dialysis while solving crimes. And he’s just been saddled with a partner, who’s young and eager. To keep her out of his way, he suggests she find a cold case to work. Eventually he realizes that they make a good team. He’s happy until he discovers that the cold case she’s found was one he’d tucked in the back of his desk drawer. One he’d hoped would remain forgotten.

NWU Cover

Nothing Without Us (available from Renaissance Press) features disabled protagonists who are the heroes, not the sidekicks. My story, Backbone, is the story of a young boy who uses a walker, He meets three children in elementary school. When the four meet again as adults, their reunion is a bit more bloody than Ian could have imagined.


In the Key of 13: an anthology of music and murder (from the Mesdames of Mayhem) includes my supernatural murder mystery, The Soul Behind the Face.

All anthologies also available from Amazon.


Two of my short stories, Hideaway and The Bouquet can be found in The Whole-She Bang, published by the Toronto Chapter of Sisters in Crime.


The Whole She-Bang 2 was published in November 2014 and contains two more of my short stories – Testimony and Arthur Ellis Finalist, First Impressions. You can read an excerpt here

More information can be found at the Toronto Sisters in Crime website.

You can purchase copies of The Whole She-Bang from;


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