Death by Association

The book launch is at the Renaissance Virtual Conference, June 5 -7, 2020.

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Death cover

Model: Dana Fradkin.  Photographer: Nathan Caro Frechette

Computer expert and former marathon runner Naya, struggles to recover from a serious multiple sclerosis attack, and settles into a routine of daily workouts at the gym. Frustrated by her lack of progress, she’s in no mood for wheelchair bound Larson Rask and his endless prying questions.

Noticing that his legs still look muscular, Naya guesses that he’s only been in the chair for a short time. She puts aside her annoyance to patiently listen to him. To her horror, a police Tactical Unit raids the gym and arrests Larson Rask – on three counts of murder. Was he grooming her to be victim number four?

Reluctantly she’s drawn into the world of sleuthing – tracking a ruthless serial killer who will stop at nothing to stay free.

From: Renaissance Press