Naya Investigates

There was only ever supposed to be one book.

The inspiration for this series came not long after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I followed the old saying of “Write what you know.” It gave me the idea of trying something unlike anything I’d written before. I asked, what if you took an active person and turned their world upside down? Naya was born.

Naya had the perfect life. Co-owner of a fast growing security software company, she ran marathons in her spare time. Suddenly everything changed when she developed multiple sclerosis, and now she can barely climb a flight of stairs. Hiding at home, her computer the only contact with the outside world, she reconnected with her childhood best friend.

But when her friend disappeared and the police dismissed her concerns, Naya decided to leave the safety of her home to find her. She ignored her physical limitations to follow a convoluted trail from high tech suspects to drug dealers, all while becoming an irritant to the police.

With the end of Journey of a Thousand Steps, I believed that her story was over. But Naya, ever the stubborn woman who knows her own mind – insisted I write a sequel. Death by Association – because she thought finding a serial killer might be interesting.

I am currently working on the third book in the series. This time Naya wanted to have a more relaxed pace and chose to pursue a cold case murder – or is it murders?