Arthur Ellis Award Shortlist – 2015

The Whole She-Bang 2
is a Toronto Sisters in Crime anthology of Canadian authors. I had the privilege of having two stories published in the book. And I’m honoured to announce that one of the stories, FIRST IMPRESSIONS was shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Awards.

The Arthur Ellis Awards for Excellence in Canadian Crime Writing was established in 1984 and named after the nom de travail of Canada’s official hangman. They are awarded annually by the Crime Writers of Canada. You can get more information about Crime Writers of Canada and the Award by clicking here.

thewholeshebang2The inspiration for First Impressions is unique compared to my other stories. Many years ago I had the opportunity, through work, to visit a northern mine. I immediately fell in love with the allure of the wilderness that surrounded me and desperately wanted to set a story here. It took years but I eventually created a story that would be worthy of such a beautiful setting.

You can read an excerpt of the story here.



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