With a degree in biology, I somehow ended up in mining research. My scientific background has always inspired my science fiction stories and frequently sneaks into my mysteries.

Early in life science fiction was all I wrote, all I read. Then several years ago I migrated over to mysteries: writing murder and mayhem. Though I published several mystery and science fiction short stories, any novels I’d written continued to languish at the back of my file cabinet.

Skaff Photo square 2020

Several years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. That inspired me to ask the question, what happens when you take an active person and turn their world upside down? And so, Naya, a marathon runner suddenly disabled by MS, was born. Journey of a Thousand Steps, is the story of how she turned sleuth to find her missing friend. In the sequel, Death by Association, Naya tracks a serial killer who will stop at nothing to remain free.

September 15th 2021, my new science fiction novel Shifting Trust was released by Renaissance Press.  25 years from now, Tyler Demir ignores military orders and sets out on his own to rescue a Canadian scientist kidnapped in England.

 With the release of Shifting Trust, I’m coming back to my science fiction roots. I’m also bringing murder and mayhem to the world of SF, just to be consistent.

For those of you that are fans of my Naya Investigates series, don’t worry, her journey isn’t over. I’m working on book three! This time she tackles a cold case.


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi, Madona.
    I didn’t know all of that. But then I didn’t know you very well ‘back then’.
    Good luck in your writing and I hope you will let me know when another novel comes out. And if I make it to Ottawa, I’ll purchase them.



  2. Madona, I have finished reading your novel that you gave to Anne and me at the restaurant, on the way to Maureen’s committal. You spin a great yarn. Through your characterization of Naya and Valerie you have sensitized me to the possibilities and challenges unique to them. You are a superb writer. You are a word wizard. Anne is getting ready to read the book.
    Love and blessings, Gerry Cooke

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